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Welcome To the World Headquarters for Save Julie: Campaign 2000.
We here at SJ2K are working tirelessly to preserve a way of life. A way of life we all know and love. A way of life that includes our dear friend Julie Emmerich.
Wont you help?

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We've come to know and love Julie on so many levels.
A guitar player, a power ranger, a victim of Brian Krakow's undeniable sexual prowess, a lost and bewildered orphan (with a grade A set of kidneys), a scantily clad loft dweller, friend to the fuzzy headed, and soon to be departed member of the Felicity crew.

If you too are a fan of this beautiful fruit selling, barrette wearing, lilith fair attending girl we need your help!

Check out our links to see what YOU can do to Save Julie!
Its never too late!