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Julie Needs Your Help!
JULIE: That Hair, That Voice, Those Kidneys


JULIE: That Hair, That Voice, Those Kidneys
News and Gossip
Julie : A Universal Problem
What YOU Can Do To Help!
The Wit and Wisdom of Julie

The Formative Years...

We first met Julie in 1998. She was attending University of New York as a music major, and struck up friendships with a culture shocked, love-lorn, California emigrant named Felicity.

Felicity and Julie were close, bonding in the way young college girls often do, by mocking their teacher's hair. (Oh the Irony!)

Julie became entrenched in the incestuous and often angst ridden world of her peers.
She dated Ben, sold fruit for Sean, called Felicity a bitch, played her guitar, found her birth mother, gave a speech on television -- all the standard de rigeur for an all American college student.

Julie has grown, she has changed, she has styled her hair.
She is as vital to the world of UNY as is Richard, Javier, and Meghan.


At a Glance :

Date of Birth: 1980

Education: Two years as a Music Major at UNY.

Family History: Adopted; her birth mother is a black market organ dealer/ designer

First Professional Role: Pink Power Ranger

First Encounter with Member of another Angsty Teen Melodrama: Forbidden Love with Brian Krakow (I bet Angela was pissed)