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Julie Needs Your Help!
What YOU Can Do To Help!


JULIE: That Hair, That Voice, Those Kidneys
News and Gossip
Julie : A Universal Problem
What YOU Can Do To Help!
The Wit and Wisdom of Julie

Let the WB hear your call of protest!

I'm just one person...The problem is so big and I'm so small... Can I really make a difference?

My friends, the answer is YES!

Much the same way you vote for President or decide on toilet paper brands you can exercise your free will, and democratic power to help SAVE JULIE!

The WB must know we stand behind our cause, and here's what we can do to align ourselves with our beloved Julie :

1. Run down to the drugstore. Purchase every hair barrete, bobby pin, comb, clip, headband, and clasp you can find. Carelessly strewn them about your hair, in any haphazard fashion, and make sure to use ALL of them.
You say your scalp hurts? You cant lift your head?
Well imagine what poor Julie goes through every day, and think of this one simple sacrifice as your part in the fight.

2. Burn all your clothes. Take a towel, casually drape it about yourself. Run up to the person who is madly in love with you and shake your ass and your chest in his face. Pretend not to notice when he drools.

3. Write a song on acoustic guitar. Make sure it ends with the word "Yeah".

4. Write To :

Jamie Kellner
c/o The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

5. Post your feelings on Felicity Message Boards, and Mailing lists. Go to the official WB site and send emails.