Julie Emmerich

1998 - 2000

SJ2K is gone...and so is Julie (and quite frankly, we blame YOU. if you had just tried a little harder Julie would still be here.. and your mom would still love you. But noooo you had to go and mess it all up.. so typical.
By the way, you're adopted)



we're still a little distraught

we didnt mean it, you're actually a little miracle, and we all love you.

However, we must face the facts that Jewel-ie and her cataract inducing wardrobe are gone.
We thank all of you for your support. All 200 something of you who signed the guest book. Those who actually wrote to the WB. And those who sent emails.

But most especially to those of you understood that SJ2K was a JOKE.

Yes indeedy. Frankly, we're not gonna miss her that much. We just wanted to see if you would.

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